BlackJack Trainer 21

This program is going to teach you the sport of BlackJack and the way to perform with any hand, such that you optimize your probability of winning.

BlackJack Trainer Characteristics:

* Hit, Stand, Split, Dual or Surrender into the cards dealt

* Get opinions on your Choice

* See the fundamental strategy table to the chosen house rules

* Learn how to play just like a specialist

Consider it as a college to become much better at BlackJack.

This isn’t a blackjack match, but an program which teaches you the perfect play.

This program won’t teach you how you can count cards at a casino or utilizes any sort of real or fictional cash.


* * * * Really impressive. This really helped with those hands in the casino which I always left to chance. This program really teaches you how you can generate money.

* * * * Highly Recommend. This is excellent training tool for anybody interested in studying blackjack.

* * * Great for studying corner cases. Really like the plan table in my pocket )

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