Chess Tiger Pro Learn and play chess

▻ Would you like to know or improve in chess?

▻ Would you like to learn the very esteemed, the classiest match , while having fun?

It is simple, and you’ll be able to begin right now!

How does this function? It is really easy: you play! The trainer shows you the motions that a Grandmaster would select. Not only 1 move, but the 4 greatest moves.

Sounds ridiculous? Well consider it… How can you learn how to talk when you’re a kid? Can you choose grammar and punctuation lessons? Certainly not. Because that is the very best way to learn!

In two minutes you get started learning effortlessly. You start having fun immediately, and detect after only a couple of games that the ideal moves visit your mind obviously, like they were apparent.

If it sounds unbelievable, please browse the testimonials. Chess Tiger Guru has among the maximum client satisfaction of this App Store!

Additionally, Chess Tiger Guru is the only boxing app that assesses your matches to explain to you how you can enhance, and can also be among the MOST COMPLETE programs for gamers of all levels.


• Simply tap a bit to see its own legal moves.

• A move isn’t permitted? The program lets you know .

• Ideas: can observe over your shoulder and indicate 4 motions.

• Can inform you as soon as it is possible to partner your opponent, which means it’s possible to start looking for the winning move on your own.

• Can Inform you if your competitor is going to perform an extremely dangerous movement.

No major jump between amounts.

• includes an extremely large excellent chess engine, the promise to learn out of a great professor.

• Finds interesting places on your games and teaches you how you can improve.


• Chess Tiger Guru has among the most powerful chess engines for mobile devices.

• On present apparatus, as amazing as it seems, it plays in the world champion level.

• Chess Tiger was rated twice as the most powerful chess engine around the SSDF list (the global recognized and independent pc evaluation list).

• you are able to set up any place.

• you may save your games in groups and match them later.

• it’s possible to import match collections from PGN format.

• you’re able to examine a match by replaying it. Chess Tiger Pro informs you if a terrible move was performed with coloring it in crimson. The 4 greatest moves in each position are coloured in green.

• Chess Tiger Pro supports variants and permits you to check”Imagine if…” situations without erasing your present game.

• The trainer can remark your game as you’re playing (discretionary ).

• When a match is completed, the trainer can test it for you and explain how you can improve.

• 15 magnificent predefined visual topics which you could customize.

• 14 plank designs (marble, blue marble, timber, metal, rock,…).

• a set of over 6000 famous matches of the best players constantly.

•”Reload last match” lets you recover the latest game, even in the event that you’ve forgotten to store it.

• 4 distinct playing styles, which range from the silent to suicidal, which you may use to each of the degrees.

• involves an opening book of over one million movements (can be switched off).

• Lots of customization options (images, sounds, motor outcome…).

Model 2019.06.1

We have enhanced the wide variety of those matches played. It must now be rather infrequent to perform twice the exact same game launching, which will be further enhanced in the next edition.

– now you can choose the way the moves will likely be split in the analysis outlines, for much better readability.

We have fixed the”plank only” manner: the coordinates (words and letters ) weren’t displayed correctly in this manner on iPad, and after leaving the manner on iPhone.

We have fixed an issue that could leave the”Sport” menu centered on iPad.

– This version contains numerous additional minor repairs and improvements.

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